Non-IV-D Services

What is a "Non-IV-D Services" case?
A Non-IV-D Services case is a case in which a court has determined that income withholding for support is required and neither the employee/obligor nor the custodial party/obligee has applied for, or is receiving, child support services through their local Support Collection Unit. A Non-IV-D case can include an order covering child support alone or it may include an order of support for both a child and the custodial parent. Income withholding for a Non-IV-D Services case must go through the NYS Child Support Processing Center (SDU).

A New York Case Identifier will be assigned by the NYS Child Support Processing Center (SDU) to a Non-IV-D Services case upon receipt of both Part A and Part B of the Non-IV-D Income Withholding Order (LDSS-5037). Information on the income withholding process for a Non-IV-D Services case is available in the Income Withholding for Support: General Information and Instructions (LDSS-5039) on the Divorce Resources page at
What services do I receive in a "Non-IV-D Services" case?
Non-IV-D Services include the collection and disbursement of support payments made through income withholding; no other services are provided.

Payments will be made payable to the NYS Child Support Processing Center (SDU), and will be processed and disbursed by paper check to the custodial party/obligee within two (2) business days of receipt by the NYS Child Support Processing Center (SDU). Alternatively, the custodial party/obligee may request to receive disbursements through direct deposit by obtaining and completing a Direct Deposit enrollment form (PDF).

Record of the payments received from the employer/income withholder and disbursed to the custodial party/obligee will be maintained by the NYS Child Support Processing Center (SDU). You may request a copy of the payment and disbursement records for the Non-IV-D IWO issued by contacting the Child Support Helpline.
How can I obtain full child support services (IV-D Services)?
Full child support services are available to you upon application (PDF). These services include collection and disbursement of support payments, modification of an order of support, cost of living adjustments, and enforcement of an order of support through available administrative remedies. If you wish to receive the full range of child support services, submit an Application for Child Support Services (PDF) to your local child support enforcement unit.

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