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Based on the Withholding Limitations Worksheet (PDF), the Income Withholding Calculator is an interactive form designed to calculate withholding in accordance with federal and New York State law and regulations. The calculator is meant as an additional tool to help employers calculate child support withholding. Please ensure that the information used in the calculation is complete and accurate. The Income Withholding Calculator will not produce a correct result if the information used is not correct. DCSS is not responsible for errors due to incomplete or inaccurate data entered by the employer.

For detailed information about income withholding calculations, visit the Withholding Limitations Worksheet page or click the question mark Go to worksheet page icon.

Please note: The calculator does not collect or transmit any data. None of your inputs are saved, so there is no security or privacy risk in using the calculator. Whenever the form is "reset," all previous input is cleared from the form.

To use the Income Withholding Calculator, you will need your copy or copies of the Income Withholding for Support (PDF) for the employee. Note: You may also need the amount of the health insurance premium for dependent or family health care coverage, if ordered by a National Medical Support Notice.

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