Enforcement Actions Assistant

The child support program can legally collect overdue child support (arrears) and obtain health insurance coverage through a variety of "administrative procedures" or enforcement actions. These administrative enforcement actions (PDF) may take effect without any party having to go to court.

If you owe child support arrears, complete the following form to see which enforcement actions might be taken. ✱Note

  1. Select the number of child support orders you have and click the Display orders button.
  2. Enter the total obligation for each child support order.
  3. Choose the frequency to convert each obligation to a monthly amount (e.g., Weekly to Monthly).
  4. Click the Total monthly amounts button.
  5. Enter the total amount of arrears you owe for all child support orders.
  6. Click the These actions may be taken button to see your result.


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✱ Note: This form does not collect or transmit any data. None of your inputs are saved, so there is no security or privacy risk in using it. Whenever the form is "reset," all previous input is cleared from the form.
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